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MRac PV Water Pump: Happiness for farmers

Recently, Solar Water Pump System is completed successfully in Yunnan Yuxi, and come into service. This is one of the large PV water pump projects in Yunnan province, It also Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd. enter into a new stage.

There were many difficult for this solar pump system, such as complex terrain , difficult irrigation, hydropenic for crop. And high cost for using electric, but farmers have to suffering these problems.

Rough terrain,irrigation difficult

Solar PV pump, irrigation flexible, installation nearby water place, work with good sunshine. Running and independent automatically, without supervision, no fossil energy, without comprehensive power grid, safe and reliable. Greatly reduce the cost of traditional energy and electric, one-time investment, can use 20 to 25 years.

But how to construct power station? Slope is too steep, what kind of PV module is suitable? How to design solution? How to transport materials and so on. Finally, the solution designed by Mibet(Xiamen) was unanimously approved. With everyone's efforts, the project was completed successfully within the planned time. After the project come into service, farmers don’t suffer from the difficult of irrigation crops any more.

Yuxi Solar Water Pump Project

Yuxi Solar Water Pump Project

Yuxi solar PV pump system project run during the good sunlight season, the work time will be 6-10 hours. When in rainy day,as long as the sunlight can reach the minimum system requirements, the system can still work, just smaller water output. In the evening, storing water that pump in the daytime to replace the electric storage.


Yuxi Solar Water Pump Project

Yuxi Solar Water Pump Project

Where there is a will, there is a way! Mibet(Xiamen) convinced only efforts to solve problems, everything is possible. We must offer the satisfying solution when customers have questions. There will be numerous difficulties waiting for Mibet people to challenge, but Mibet(Xiamen) have nothing to fear, will be invincible. 

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