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Focus on OSAKA 2017 Mibet “Aerospace-grade” Material Application in Solar Mounting Solution Gain Praises from Domestic and Oversea Visitors

PVS EXPO OSAKA 2017 held in International Convention Centre Osaka, Japan from September 20 to September 22. As the largest and most influential solar energy exhibition in western Japan, it has become an important display and exchange platform for all enterprises in the photovoltaic industry domestic and abroad, attracting many guests from domestic and abroad to visit. As the world’s leading supplier of PV mounting system solution, Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in this event.


Mibet bring along with a series of PV mounting system solution, inclusive of MRac Ground Mounting Systems, MRac Rooftop Mounting Systems, MRac Floating PV Mounting Systems and MRac Smart Tracking system. The displayed products include: MRac Ground Mounting System GT4 and GT8, which can be widely used in varied soil texture, complicated terrain, hills and grounds; MRac agricultural greenhouses solution which can ensure solar photovoltaic power generation and the entire greenhouse crop lighting needs; Features of MRac roof mounting system is easy installation, heavy weather resistance and wide applicability; MRac floating system G3 is applicable for installation on the water like reservoirs, lakes, ponds, dams and waste water pools.


Recently, Mibet has provided numerous customized mounting system solutions and ancillary products for its domestic and overseas customers. MRac mounting system solutions has been applied in lots of cases, including rooftop, agricultural greenhouses, water and ground. In addition, MRac solution performs with high flexibility, adaptability and profession in terms of facilitating new material to be used in PV mounting system. During the exhibition, Mibet initiatively demonstrated some mounting structure made of zinc-nickel alloys material, which used to be applied for aerospace and navigation industry, lots of visitors were attracted by the components of zinc-nickel alloys.


Zinc-nickel alloy is an emerging plating, which is widely used in aerospace, marine, auto accessory and other cutting-edge industries, due to its strong corrosion resistance. Zinc-nickel alloy is based on zinc containing a small amount of nickel (10% -15%), with better wear resistance, not easy conductive coating, non-hydrogen embrittlement, and anti-lock. With its own successful experience, advanced technology and continuous innovation in Solar PV industry, Mibet applied this material Process technology to the components of Solar PV Mounting System, in addition to improving the structural strength of the system which ensures the stability and stronger wind & snow resistance of mounting structure as well. It is very suitable for the harsh installation environment, and unanimously approved by domestic and overseas customers once launched.


At the exhibition, Mibet meet with partners, customers and talents from all over the world, especially the potential and regular customers from Asia, with deep communication, exchanging and discussing the direction for future mutual cooperation.

As a high-tech enterprise, one of the global top 10 enterprises in PV industry, Mibet is always committed to providing first-class system solutions, and will constantly develop more and more competitive PV mounting products by continuous innovation. Mibet will continue launching more PV Mounting System solutions, commercial PV Systems and residential PV Systems solutions, strengthen the integration of photovoltaic system power plant, bringing photovoltaic industry to a new ground. 

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