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Top 10 PV Mounting System Brands | Residential Solar Power Generation Brands.

Glories News, Mibet Energy has been awarded two glories in Polaris Award

The 3rd Polaris Award of most popularized PV brands and solar power generation quality was held in Beijing on 26th -27th October,2017. With the many-year experiences of PV mounting system solution and the new development of residential solar power generation solution, Mibet Energy has been awarded two glories, Top 10 PV Mounting System Brands and Residential Solar Power Generation Brands.


Top 10 PV Mounting System Brands


Residential Solar Power Generation Brands.

Solar power generation quality forum has been held since three years ago, and it has generally become the most important communication platform in the whole solar pv industry, especially for leader of pv industry, power grid specialist, power design specialist, owner of solar power generation, EPC representative, pv manufacture enterprise. This forum has discussed the main topic of power generation design, equipment selection, and project construct to seize the opportunity to serve the user of solar power generation.


Press Interview

Analysis of the impact of residential solar pv power plant

In this forum, our vice president, Mr.Chen has announced the speech of residential and commercial solar power generation construction quality control management. In his speech, he has demonstrated that, with the change of FIT, the ground pv power generation has confronted with a huge challenge, many investors have turned to invest commercial and residential solar pv projects, and the high quality solar power generation is very important to realize the profit in 25 years.






In the speech, vice president, Mr.Chen has analyzed the factors that impact the quality of solar pc power generation from three aspects: 1. Unreasonable system design, 2. Improper construction 3. Without any maintenance and operation. In order to solve this problem, one stop service concept has been put up, from investigation on site to scientific design, from proper construction to connected on gird, from service on gird to monitoring, moreover, 24 hours immediately response management standard, which can make a good maintenance and operation in next 25 years.

Overall Management PV plus model

Renewable energy has generally been the consensus around the world. Moreover, it is an irreversible trend of energy revolution. President Xi has stressed many times in different situation, lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, which has disclosed the relationship between energy and eco-civilization development.



 Award for Residential Project

According to the install capacity of pv project at the first three quarters disclosed by national energy administration, added 43 million kw pv power plant capacity, including pv power plant 22.7million capacity, increasing 3% from last year, residential pv power plant 15.3 million capacity, increasing 4 times from last year. With the increasing capacity of residential pv power plant, the quality of residential pv power plant has become very important. Except for the application of industrial park, town, public building, and private building, the PV industry has deeply connected with other industries, which has a great contribution to gird parity.


中国山东开发式公园  4MW.jpg

Solar park, Shangdong.

This project is familiar with us, we call it pv plus, which embodies the character and advantage of pv power plant. Pv plus building, pv plus poverty relief, pv plus agriculture, pv plus fishery etc. which are all embody the flexible sites and construction scales of pv power plant to deploy the surplus value of earth, building, and water surface.



上海分布式安装图片 (7)_meitu_1.jpg

Residential Project, Shanghai

Optimize the solar mounting system solution continuously, meanwhile, Mibet Energy would upgrade his residential pv power plant, complete the product and service management system, and promote the diversity of the residential pv mounting system. Mibet Energy will build up a global sales system to be a better consultant for his clients.

Depending on the advantage of solar pv system, Mibet Energy will focus on “How to satisfy the client’s requirement” and “How to ensure the 25-year operation of residential solar power plant”, and provide one stop service solar power plant platform to offer the best residential solar power plant in the market.

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