Photovoltaic (pv) with you against the darkness, where there is light there is future

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Have your Wechat Moments been inundated with the following picture today?


You may think they are two swallows, but actually they are two electricians who are risking their life to restore electric lines.

September 15, 2016 in lunar calendar is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, a day for Chinese families to get together. Xiamen citizens used to immerse in the happiness of family reunion and the enjoyment of mooncake gambling as well. But there is no moon, no lights and no mooncake gambling this year, even a decent meal has become a kind of luxury. What left to Xiamen people is the moan of the wind and the utter darkness.


Typhoon track

The 14th Typhoon Meranti, packing winds of up to Beauford wind force 15, has made a strongly landfall in Xiang’an district of Xiamen at 3:05am on September 15th, 2016. It has broken another meteorological record as the wind reached to force 17 at its peak.


Solid facilities destroyed by Meranti

After Meranti landed, most areas in the 6 districts of Xiamen have suffered from power and water cut off. Plenty of houses have collapsed and infrastructures have been damaged. 65 thousands of trees have been battered. Numerous of cars have been smashed, some also soaked in water.All flights have been cancelled. Bullet trains and buses have been stopped. The whole city was nearly paralyzed.



Xiamen looks devastated the next morning. Even deep-rooted trees have been uprooted by the strong wind.


Some areas in Xiamen were still out of power 3 days after Meranti landed. Residents charge their phones in shopping mall which has electricity self-generating equipment.

Meranti has caused a nearly fatal damage to Xiamen’s power systems and infrastructures. Many solid facilities have been destroyed as if they were made by thin paper. The power system restoring work in Xiang’an district, the worst-hit area, is as hard as to rebuild a power grid, the electric power department said.

What employees in Mibet Energy worried about most at the stormy night are not only our personal properties but also the solar carport and the off-grid solar system we built on the rooftop. We have already calculated the strength of the system over and over again to ensure it can stand the wind with maximum speed recorded in the latest 50 years, but the wind speed in this time is far surpassed the previous ones. When our technical staffs arrived at the factory after the road was cleared, they were surprised to find that all of our systems are still there, without any damage.


MRac off grid carport works well after Meranti


A 1.15MW roof project in an industrial park. Picture was taken three days after the typhoon.

Five days have already passed since Meranti landed. Some parts of Xiamen still have no power even though electricians are trying hard to restore the power system day and night, citizens in these areas may need to spend another five, seven or even more nights in darkness.

Edison saved human beings from unrelenting darkness with lamp in 1879, several centuries after, Mibet Energy urges to participate in a larger program, namely to ensure the sustainable supply of the electricity so that we can make due contributions to save people from darkness even after traditional power grid has been destroyed.

After the strike, Mibet employees feel deeply regret that they did not build more PV projects as well as promote the construction of civil PV plant with might and main. While regret is meaningless, the only thing Mibet Energy can do is to keep adhering to its mission, and build more safe, reliable and high-efficient PV power plants so that more and more people can benefit from the business Mibet devotes itself to.


Let the whole city stands in brightness,

no more darkness even after suffering from disaster.

Typhoon may take away a lot of things from this city,

But it leaves more to the people.



Mibet’s grid-connected and off-grid PV power plant.

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