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PV industry reached milestones in 2016,and will it raise to a higher level in 2017


In 2016, India appealed to develop solar power storage project, and funded about $3 billion to infrastructure that can develop and manufacture solar panels. In 2017 year, India’s large scale solar power development will be more rapid, and India plans to upgrade solar power generation to 100GW by 2022. 


Obama carry out “Clean Power Plan ” in 2016,the America clean and renewable energy develop rapidly. In 2017, Trump supports fossil fuel, encourages coal resource recovery, denies climate change, opposes “Paris Agreement”,these will be the largest uncertainty in the field of renewable energy of the United States and even the world.


India is developing the solar industry, the United States may give up at any time, but China's photovoltaic industry is still on fast, sustained development.

In 4th Feb., the website of National Energy Administration of China published the photovoltaic energy statistics in 2016. By the end of 2016, annually newly installed PV capacity is 34.54GW in China, total installed capacity reaches 77.42GW. Both the newly installed volume and total volume are the first in the world.


 According to the latest “the 13th Five Year Plan of Electric Power Development”, which issued by NEA and NDRC, by 2020, install solar PV power capacity will be more than 110 GW.

No matter whether India’s plan will be come true, no matter whether the Unite State will quit, Mibet Energy always believes that PV power is the power to curb environmental pollution, is a gospel of mankind, Mibet Energy will do the best to promote the development of PV industry. Let every family enjoy their own green energy is Mibet Energy’s ultimate mission, no matter how many difficulties ahead, Mibet Energy will always go forward with firm steps.

Opportunity belongs to visionaries. Mibet Energy always abides by their business principals of quality promotion, technology innovation, and qualified service. Mibet Energy will lead the development of renewable industry, serving as top-class renewable enterprise!

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