Wonderful Review of Intersolar 2019I Mibet New Energy Usher in a New Epoch of” Photovoltaic Bracket “

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Intersolar Europe in Munich Germany, is the largest and most influential professional solar energy fair in the world. All famous enterprise has attended this exhibition, including Mibet New Energy. Presenting its newly products to manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and peers in pv industry, Mibet New Energy bring a new experience of high-efficiency pv brackets.

 Wonderful Review of Intersolar 2019

From the independent research and development of new generation products with high efficiency and high quality to the leading enterprise in the industry, Mibet New Energy is gradually creating a new era of “photovoltaic brackets”. This kind of Carport not only has the function which the ordinary car shed should have, but also effectively reduces the weather harm to the car. Besides, the waterproof glue conforms to the system structure, which makes the overall waterproof performance to be stronger and the performance ratio higher.

photovoltaic brackets

rooftop hook support

High-quality and cost-effective products have always been the pursuit of Europe and other mature pv markets. The rooftop hook support and a series of metal roof products, which displayed by Mibet New Energy in this exhibition can perfectly meet the quality requirements of Europe customers.

 Mibet New Energy

Eight years to sharpen a sword! Mibet New Energy adhere to be the leading enterprise with its innovative technology. Obtained “ Xiamen High-Tech Enterprise” and other honors, Mibet New Energy has always been in the forefront in the industry. Based on the global vision, we’ll continue to exploit the oversea market and establish global covered network marketing as well as base marketing. Mibet New Energy will keep going to improve its technology and complete its service to provide the customers with higher quality products and more professional service.

 Xiamen High-Tech Enterprise

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