Good News I Mibet Energy's Structures help 120MW PV Power On-grid to EVN Vietnam

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Days ago, Vietnam's first 120MW large-scale solar (LSS) project, was officially on-grid to EVN (Electricity of Vietnam), which structures was designed, manufactured, supplied by Xiamen Mibet Energy. This project lasted for several months and finally completed successfully by every contractors’ diligent works. This excellent success not only marks a good beginning for Mibet Energy in Vietnam market, but also set a great milestone for Mibet Energy driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, especially in the South East Asia region.


This solar farm was the biggest one designed and commissioned by Mibet Energy in 2018. During five months of the project, Mibet Energy provides the comprehensive assistance with the preliminary survey, final drawing, aluminum material delivery and construction, which make the project on-grid as scheduled in May 2019.



It is worth mentioning that the mounting proposal proposed in this project is highly pre-assembled MRac PGT4 aluminum mounting structures, are optimized with better strength and less material according clients’ requirements and sites conditions. It is suitable for the installation of small, medium and large PV solar projects.


Mibet Energy PGT4 aluminum mounting structures not only popular in Vietnam, such as in other countries, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., but also achieve very good footprints in European and South America market, which it thought as a convincing solution by its highly pre-assembled structures and stable structures strength.


As like our slogan, Mibet Energy is being as the most professional solar PV mounting structures manufacturer, doing our best to server clients in every project by reliable solutions.

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