• Top 10 PV Mounting System Brands | Residential Solar Power Generation Brands.
    The 3rd Polaris Award of most popularized PV brands and solar power generation quality was held in Beijing on 26th -27th October,2017. With the many-year experiences of PV mounting system solution and the new development of residential solar power generation solution
  • PV EXPO OSAKA 2017 Invitation Letter
    PVS EXPO OSAKA 2017, organized by the famous Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., which is the leading renewable energy trading show, holding together with Japan International Smart Energy Week Tokyo Exhibition, ranks as the largest energy exhibition in western Japan.
  • Mibet Set Sail to PV Expo Again
    On March 01, the annual photovoltaic industry show in Japan – the PV EXPO 2017 formally started at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. As an expert on solar mounting system for long, Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd. take some patented products
  • Review the Past and Look Forward To the Future--2016 Mibet Energy Year-End Banquet Come To An End Successfully!
    Time flies! Year of 2016 quietly slip away and year of 2017 has arrived. Mibet achieved harvest fruit in Year of Monkey and we believe that Mibet will have a bloomy year of Rooster. The year-end banquet of Mibet Energy was held on Xiamen Royal Hotel. Hundreds of clients, supplier, and Mibet staffs attended the banquet.
  • The Spring of Distributed Photovoltaic Generation
    In the forenoon of 5th Jan. 2017, the National Energy Administration released the 13th Five Year Plan of Energy Development and Renewable Energy Development, it was reported in the plan that by 2020, the PV installation should reach 105 million KW and it focuses on Distributed PV.
  • Mibet:constancy and do my best
    PV industry reached milestones in 2016,and will it raise to a higher level in 2017?
  • Traveled to Jilin, offer technical guidance for the Photovoltaic project installation
    In recent years, Yanbian state adjust the energy structure actively,developing photovoltaic power generation and other new energy industry. According to information, after completion of project, the local average estimated annual generating capacity and per kWh is subsidized by state, all put into use, each household could get earnings annually.
  • Mibet Energy was awarded as “Best Solar Components Supplier” By CREC
    Annual Awards Ceremony was held by CREC on November 2nd, 2016 in Wuxi, China.Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Mibet Energy ") was awarded by CREC again as the “Top 3 Solar Components Suppliers” from exiting solar suppliers in China due to Mibet’s great reputation and excellent records in its high-level product quality
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