New Technology of MRac Smart Tilt Single Axis Tracking Solar Mounting System

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MRac Smart Tilt Single Axis Tracking Solar Mounting System:is making a certain number of pv modules into a series of module array at intervals without blocking each other. It uses one motor and control system to make the whole solar module array track automatically, which will increase the sunshine exposure time and improve the power generation. With good environment adaptability, this system can be installed on the ground, water and rooftop without any influence on the planting, breeding, etc.Mibet New Energy will  give you more details with pleasure

 Smart Tilt Single Axis Tracking Solar Mounting System

Installation Advantages

1、It has higher power generation of roughly 15% compared to fixed system.

2、With better materials and structure, the racking price is only about 5% higher than that of the fixed system.

3、Square pipes are used mainly, which has high strength, durability and strong wind resistance.

4、Good environment adaptability.

Technical Feature

1、Unique Design

Automatically tracking system make one motor and control system to drive the whole array, which is easier and faster.

2、Longer Lifespan

High weather resistance contributes to the system stable and reliable.

3、Modules Design

With the professional modules design, it can install more solar panels and improve the power efficient.

4、Long Generation Time

Above 6.5 hours of the best light generation time each day.

5、Widely used

Suitable for small to large scale projects, such as residential buildings, large factories and large power generation.

6、Good Adaptability

It can be arranged in a single row horizontally or vertically at interval according to the topography, with large east-west span and adjustable height, so as to realize no corner pockets of sunlight exposure.

7、Strong Wind Resistance

With overcurrent design of the airflow, it greatly reduces the wind load per unit area and improve the wind resistance.

8、Service systematization

According to the different models of modules at home and abroad, we have a series of corresponding products, which are capable of mass production, installation, maintenance and service.

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