What Basic Requirements of Solar PV Brackets Material Should Meet?

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Although the PV bracket is not the core part of the solar PV system, it still plays an important role in the whole power station. It should guarantee the stable and safe operation of the power station, so the material requirements for it is very strict. The material, as the first consideration, should meet a series of performance characteristics before it can be used in the PV system.

What Basic Requirements of Solar PV Brackets Material Should Meet?

In order to ensure the whole system’s stabilization, it requires the material of PV brackets have strong tensile strength and yield strength. Because the strong tensile strength can guarantee the stability of the brackets and make the brackets more reliable. And the high yield strength can reduce the steel sections, save the steel material, so as to save the cost of PV brackets to a certain extent.

Besides, the good plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance are also required. With the good plasticity, the brackets will be greatly deformed before damage, so as to remind people to take measures in time. And the good toughness can ensure the stability of the brackets when it hit by external force.

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