The Advantages of BIPV Waterproof Solar Systems for Industry

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There is a growing consensus that distributed photovoltaic systems will be the first to reach widespread solar power application in the future China under the guidance of "carbon neutral - 3060 target". And with conditional maturity in terms of supply and demand chain, the BIPV comes a main technology route for PV building in the future. So we gonna show you the advantages of BIPV waterproof solar brackets for industry factory.

The Advantages of BIPV Waterproof Solar Systems for Industry

What's BIPV?

BIPV is the abbreviation of Building Integrated Photovoltaic, which is a technology that integrates solar power system into buildings. The BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) method includes the replacement of the traditional construction element with materials incorporating solar modules. It's a solar power generating product or system that are seamlessly integrated into the building envelope and part of building components such as fa? ades, roofs or windows. The main difference between BAPV and BIPV is the way they are designed and integrated into the building. The BAPV (Building Applied Photovoltaics) method consists of fitting modules to existing surfaces via superimposition once construction has been completed, such as during an energy renovation project.

The benefits of BIPV

A Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) system consists of integrating photovoltaics modules into the building envelope, such as the roof or the facade. By simultaneously serving as building envelope material and power generator, BIPV Waterproof solar systems can provide savings in materials and electricity costs, reduce use of fossil fuels and emission of ozone depleting gases, and add architectural interest to the building.

The benefits of BIPV can bring to the industry factory

1. Aesthetically appealing blended modules: BIPV modules blends in with the surrounding building envelope e.g. Tesla's solar tiles and Nu-lok's Integrated Solar Inserts, solar windows, fa?ades, pergolas, parking lots and skylights.

2. Flexibility: Building Integrated Photovoltaic solutions comes in for a variety of building types and applications and can be integrated in a multitude of innovate ways which reduces the physical limitations of traditional PV modules.

3. Environmentally friendly customer satisfaction: BIPV increases customer satisfaction for occupiers who want to be more environmentally friendly or have more energy autonomy.

4. Save land resources and reduce cool loads: BIPV not only produces on-site clean electricity without requiring additional land area, but can also impact the energy consumption of a building through daylight utilization and reduction of cooling loads.

5. Green and Innovation: building owners can benefit from reduced electricity bills and the positive image of being recognized as "green" and "innovative".

6. Long lifespan: adapted the PVB material, the BIPV system has a long lifespan up to 25 years.

In urban area, the surfaces of buildings remain limited. The factory with widespread surface comes to be favored for reasons of spaces sufficient. So the BIPV development should combine with the rapid development of industry.

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