How to choose the locations for floating solar system

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The floating solar power plant has many advantages, including saving land space, increasing the power generation, protect the water resources, easy to maintain, etc. Due to its many advantages, the floating solar has a great development prospect in home and abroad. And location for floating solar power plant is very important for the whole station. let's dive into what factors should we consider when choose the location in the following.

How to choose the locations for floating solar system

1. Consistent with Government Planning

The site for solar floating system shall be subject to relevant agreements, such as the planning and requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the State Administration of Forestry, etc.

2. Sunshine Condition

The location for floating solar projects requires the lake or reservoir with large area and abundant solar resources. In the south China, the total solar radiation is generally required to up to 1300 Kwh/(m2.a), while in the north China, it is required to up to 1400 Kwh/(m2.a). So the sunshine radiation is different according to the comprehensive analysis of the electricity price and construction cost in different regions.

3. Surrounding Environment

The surrounding environment will impact the electricity generation. So it is required that there is no shading from the mountain, trees, and buildings on the power plant. Besides, the wind load capacity of the floating system is limited, so there are also requires about the wind speed, and other factors, including the snow load, water level variation, etc.

4. Nearby Consumption

The location for floating solar is usually nearby the reservoirs, which is convenient to consume and reduce the transmission lost.

5. Constrution Conditions

The floating solar modules should be installed on-site and pull into the water later. So it's essential to consider is the transport way for components are convenient and is it safe to work on water.

Floating solar arrays are gaining popularity worldwide. So choosing a right location for floating solar has significant influence on the points of increasing power generation, reducing construction cost and improving project ROI.

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