Types of Solar Panel Fixed Brackets

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Solar panel fixed brackets (also called solar module fixed racking) are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs or the ground. These mounting systems generally enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs, ground and parking lot. There are four basic types of fixed-angle mounting structures:

1. Roof Mounted Racks
2. Ground Mounted Racks
3. Top-of-pole Mounted Racks
4. Side-of-pole Mounted Racks

roof mounts are optimal when your home or building has sufficient space for all of the solar panels that you require. There are several typically fixed roof solar brackets, including the flat roof mounting system, which can be arranged with single or double rows of landscape or portrait orientation, and the ballasted roof solar mounting system, which is a non-penetration for flat rooftop, etc.

Solar Panel Fixed Brackets

Fixed Ground Mounted Racks include almost types of ground solar racking systems except the tracking system. As you might guess, are primarily used for mounting solar panels on the ground anywhere on your property. If your roof lacks the space for a roof mount or is heavily shaded by trees or location in the sun's path, then it is a viable alternative.

There are two major kinds of pole mounts, "top-of-pole" and "side-of-pole". The former allows the solar panel to sit on top of a pole, elevated several feet off the ground. The latter anchors solar panels to the side of poles. Top-of-pole Mounted Racks are structures where mounting poles are secured into the ground and tightened with concrete and the solar module is mounted on the top of the poles. Side-of-pole Mounted Racks are normally used for solar systems that comprise a small number of modules.

Material for Fixed Solar Panel Brackets

Fixed Mounting racks can be made of different kinds of materials. The majority of roof mounting racks use Aluminum. It is not only low weight - thus decreasing weight pressure on the roof, but also corrosion-resistive, strong and compatible to the solar module frames.

Another choice can be mounting structures made of stainless steel. Although stainless steel racks are very strong and resistant against environmental impacts such as hail, snow, rain etc. and can last for ages, they are nevertheless an expensive investment.

Types of Solar Panel Fixed Brackets

The correct and proper choice of the Solar Panel Fixed Mounting Structures for solar system projects is very essential in terms of the overall production, efficiency and lifetime of the solar panels.

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