Maintenance Tips for Solar Brackets During Winter

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Maintenance Tips for Solar Brackets During Winter

Many customers are regularly asking us what they can do to both maintain their solar brackets and help improve the efficiency of their home solar system during cold winter. Here are some maintenance tips for solar-owners to keep up their brackets and ensure efficient production.

1. Regular Maintenance

Because sunlight is so much more precious, faults will have a bigger impact. So use the pre-winter months to do a system check, clean your panels and make sure there aren't any branches or other material blocking the sunlight from your system.

2. Take advantage of your east and west facing solar panels

While north-facing solar panels generally produce the most solar electricity, east and/or west facing panels will still generate plenty. This is particularly true in winter when the sun sits lower in the sky.

3. Clear snow off your panels

It's wise to brush excess snow off your panels so that it doesn't block the solar cells and limit production. If you live in an area where it snows regularly, we strongly recommend opting for a ground mount system. They are much more accessible and safer to maintain because you don't have to climb on your roof to access your panels. But if you have a roof-mounted system, then you must be careful climbing on your roof to clean your panels.

4. Adjust Your Array's Tilt Angle

Solar panels produce the most energy when they face directly into the sun. The position of the sun in the sky changes throughout the year, and it takes a much lower path during winter months. So if you have the adjustable solar brackets, then you can adjust your solar arrays tilt angle to enable the whole system get more sunlight in winter.

5. Make sure your system can withstand the snow load

If you're living in a country where you get plenty of snow and wind during the winter, it's highly recommended to purchase solar brackets have been tested to withstand the a certain snow load. And you need to clear the snow off your solar panels regularly.

Winters are undoubtedly the most demanding time for solar power systems, but yes: solar energy systems certainly work during winter time. When you take the right precautions, you can be sure that your solar energy system will function properly even during the harshest winter times.

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