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MRac Floating PV Mounting System Ⅰ

Brief Introduction

Floating solar power plant, applied on the water as pool, small lake, reservoir, is to solve the bigger-ground-area issue of traditional solar power plant. The solar modules would be installed on the floater which is made of high density polyethylene. Under the premise of ensuring its intensity, the professional structure design, the optimization of floater structure and the simple and convenient splice design improve the efficiency of project installation and then save the cost.  

Technical Parameters

Installation SiteLakes/Reservoirs or any peace waters
Tilt Angle0-55°
Wind Load35m/s
Snow Load0.5KN/m2
Module TypeFrame or Frameless
Module OrientationPortrait/Landscape
Design StandardAS/NZS 1170

DIN 1055

JIS C 8955: 2011

International Building Code IBC 2009

California Building Code CBC 2010
Ground Clearance (from water level)300-1000mm
FastenerHot-Dip Galvanized
Small ComponentsAL 6005-T5 (Anodized)
Color(Float Bowl) Blue or Grey
(Racking) Silver


  1. Modular design, simple and convenient splice installation.

  2. The floater is made of high density polyethylene, which ensures its long service time.

  3. Applying the optimization splice to connect support and floater makes the whole system stable and strong.

  4. Make the good utilization of land and save the cost of land requisition.

  5. Improve the efficiency of power generating due to the water under the plant can cool down the temperature of module surface

  6. Reduce evaporation and inhibit algal reproduction: The water under the coverage of solar panel that can reduce evaporation and inhibit algal reproduce in theory, which is benefit for protection of water resource.

  7. Easy to operation and maintenance: Solar power plant built on the water can reduce dust contamination to the solar module, and also it is easy to clean the module. Meanwhile, it can prevent the module from being destroyed by people and animal.

  8. Tourism benefit: The lined-up solar module on the water becomes a characteristic scenery spot, which brings tourism benefit to these area.

  9. Avoid the shelter of module: Comparing to the ground solar plant, the vast water surface can avoid the shelter of module like massif, wood, etc., which makes irradiation area even and increase irradiation time.

Product Pictures


Components List

Connected floaterSingle floater  Ring-shaped screw kit Plastic backing board 
C62   mudsill C41 mudsilladjustable basetriangle  jointer





C52 splice kit

press-plate splice kit

angle steel L40*3

diamond end clamp kit


Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.

Carbon steel and solar stent aluminum production lines.jpg

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