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MRac Floating PV Mounting System Ⅲ


Brief Introduction

Floating solar power plant, applied on the water as pool, small lake, reservoir, is to solve the bigger-ground-area issue of traditional solar power plant. The solar modules would be installed on the floater which is made of high density polyethylene. Under the premise of ensuring its intensity, the professional structure design, the optimization of floater structure and the simple and convenient splice design improve the efficiency of project installation and then save the cost.

Main floating body unit

The main floating body to provide buoyancy to the PV module junction box, etc.

The main floating body is a single stereo, so can avoid the force caused by the wave to transmit to the PV modules.


Maintenance Aisle

Convenience for the subsequent operation and maintenance, at the same time tightly connected to the main floating body, ensure the stability of the entire PV power station.

With non slip texture, to further protect the customers safety. 


Connection Pin

Connected with the main floating body and the maintenance Aisle, which is particularly prominent in the shear and tensile strength in order to protect the safety of the floating PV power station.


Suitable Environment

  • Reservoir

  • Lakes

  • Pond

  • Industrial waste water pool

  • Source of drinking water

  • Subsidence water area of coal mineral


 1.Significant returns on investment

  • Stronger profitability

  • Higher generate electricity

  • Shorter Payback period

 2.Improve water body

  • Harmless to water

  • Improve water quality

 3.Effective utilization of resources

  • Evade restrictions

  • Save water

Product Structure Diagram


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