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Ground Solar Panel Racking System GT5

PV Racking System Details

The MRac GT5 Ground Solar Panel Racking System is a substantially pre-assembled ground mounting solution that exhibits robust resistance to wind and snow loads. This system incorporates a specially designed Anchor Plate, which permits minor on-site adjustments, making it adaptable to various locations. Primarily, it caters to medium to large-scale solar photovoltaic projects. The patented and certified design of the system assures project safety and facilitates a rapid installation process.

Solar Mounting Structure

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Solar Mounting Advantages

  • Pre-assembled Components Save Onsite Installation Time

    Solution design case by case, most components pre-assembled in factory, no onsite cut and drill request, saving the onsite installation time and cost.

  • Quick Modular Kit Fixation

    Most of the components are designed as modular kit with anodized aluminum to further ensure easy and fast construction on site.

  • Flexibility and Adjustability

    The structure can be adjusted with some tolerance with east-west, west-south and south-north directions, assuring flexible on-site installation to achieve best yield for solar modules.

  • No Front Post Design

    Saving material cost without front post design, suitable for low ground clearance projects.

Solar Mounting Installation Procedures

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