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Best Solar Mounting System

Best Solar Mounting System Details

MRac Pro Ground Terrace PGT8 Solar PV Mounting System is optimized from GT8, a cost-effective solution applied for the installation of large-scale and utility-scale solar PV power plant. Main components are made of anodized aluminum with good performance of structure strength, stability and anti-corrosion, compatible with varied solar modules. Patented and certified solar PV system design ensure projects safety and quick installation..

Solar Mounting Advantages

  • Symmetrical Design of Tilt-in-Nut and Rail Channel

    No direction limitation for the nut and rail channel, improving the installation efficiency.

  • Dual-Pile Design

    Dual-pile design, no embracing bar request, saving material cost.

  • No Drill on Portrait Beam

    It improves the strength of the system to fix the portrait beam onto the post by special designed clamps, with force at the same direction of the gravity

  • Compatible to Varied Solar Modules

    With MRac module clamps, the system compatible with most kinds of framed 60-cell, 72-cell, half-cut cells modules and frameless modules. 

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