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Solar PV Tracking System

Solar PV Tracking System Details

MRac Smart Horizontal Single Axis Tracking Solar PV Mounting System is mainly applied to large-scale solar power plant at low latitude areas. One motor and control system make the whole solar module array track automatically. The unique linkage structure and slewing bearing ensure the stability of the whole system, low failure rate and maintenance cost. It is a good choice for large-scale solar power plant with roughly 20% power generation, comparing to fixed system.

Solar Mounting Advantages

  • Automatic Tracking without Manual Debugging

    With good environmental adaptability, no affection by rainy and cloudy weather Wide Range (+/-45 degree) of tracking angle improves the power generation 20% - 30% higher than fixed system.

  • Customized System Configuration Available

    It can be designed according to customer’s specific requirement. 

  • Equipped with GPS to Ensure the Accuracy of Time

    High weather resistance contributes to safe and stable operation between -40℃-85℃ The excellent electromagnetic compatibility design makes the system stable and reliable.

  • Remote Communication, Group Control for Multi-Equipment

    Automatically identify the failure, with automatic self-protection and alarm. Quadruple over-current protection ensures the safety of the whole system.

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tracking solar panel mount
Solar PV Tracking System
tracking solar system
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