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Along with the time flies, the spring is coming. We reviewed our harvest in 2017, and we greet 2018 with great hope and unbreakable will.

On February 2, 2018, Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd (Mibet Energy) held a grand ceremony “Make a Giant Step Forward with Joint Effort” in Mingzhu Harbor Hotel in Xiamen. The executives and staff, business partners, and suppliers of Mibet Energy gathered for the celebration.


The ceremony started at 7 p.m., Mr. Xi Chen, the president of Mibet Energy expressed his gratitude to all the attendees by a passionate speech.


In the speech of Mr. Chen, he said, “Mibet Energy was founded to be a renewable energy solution provider. We will pay enough attention to details, and provide best service to every customer. We will never forget why we started, and eventually realize our mission and dream to “let every family be powered by green energy”.

In the end of his speech, he gave best wishes, “Hope everyone can drink to your heart's content, and will support Mibet Energy as always. We believe with your kindly support, Mibet Energy will grow further and faster. At last, I should give my best wishes to your family and your business in the year of dog!”

Whereafter, Adam King, the managing director of Mibet Australia, highly commended the sales revenue of Mibet Energy in 2017 and the hard work done by all staff.

hen, he wished Mibet Energy a better performance next year.


After the opening dance “dynamic girl”, Mibet Energy awarded the best salespersons in domestic, international, and Japanese market, the best new employees, the most responsible employees, the most loyal employees, the best managers and the special contributors. Their hard work contributed to the great achievement of Mibet Energy in the last year.


Honor of the Best Marketing Performance in 2017


Honor of Improvement in 2017


Honor of Responsibility in 2017


Honor of Loyalty in 2017


Honor of Excellent Department Manager in 2017


Honor of Outstanding Contribution in 2017

More and more singing and dancing are performed along with people’s applause and laugh. During the intervals, there are rounds of lucky draws, which climaxed the ceremony.


Singing with guitar, Chengdu, by Marketing Department Manager.


Team Dancing, Love, by International sales department


Solo Singing

The ceremony closed with the song “Tomorrow Will Be Better”, which leading singers are the president and the two vice-presidents. All the attendees took photos on the stage, and the ceremony drew to an end.


We are looking forward to a successful 2018 with great passion. We will not forget why we started, and will step forward to brighter future.

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