Floating Solar Mounting System G4N+

MRac Floating Solar Mounting System G4N+ Details

The Mibet G4N+ floating solar mounting system features a meticulously conceived floating bridge design and utilizes HDPE material. It has successfully navigated the Hunter water absorption test, anti-aging tests, and UV resistance tests, and it can withstand a level of tensile stress significantly higher than that of other products. This imparts the floating bridge with robust durability for outdoor use, UV resistance, and a lifespan exceeding 25 years.

The overall floating pontoon system is designed with an opening area exceeding 30%, allowing ample sunlight to reach the marine life below. Simultaneously, the structure acts as a barrier, mitigating water evaporation, and the water's cooling effect bolsters the solar farm's power generation efficiency.

A notable aspect of the latest Floating Solar Solutions is its ease of assembly, which reduces installation time. Furthermore, it can be assembled into different configurations, such as single-row or double-row layouts, according to the users' preference.

Whether opting for the mooring or anchoring system, each solution is individually tailored to match the specific terrain of each water body. This customization ensures that the pontoon system can effectively resist environmental forces and endure wave activity.

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MRac Floating System G4N+ Features

Modular design, simple and convenient splice installation;
Increase the volume of floater to add the buoyant force of floater;
The floater is made of high density polyethylene, which ensures its long service time;
Various array design, easier to combine;
Realize symmetrical facing array, increase the installation capacity, maximize the efficiency of power generation;
Compatible with various solar module, save the cost;
Strong weather ability, easy to operation and maintenance.

 Anchoring System 

MRac Floating mounting system will be fixed by anchoring system. Normally we choose the anchor point under the water, but also can choose the anchor point on the water front. The procedure of installing anchoring system will be designed in accordance with the condition of water area.

1. When water level variation less than 1 meter, adopt sunken anchor or stone with rope to fix it.

2. When water level variation less than 3 meters, adopt sunken anchor or stone with rope and add elastic spring to fix it.

3. When water level variation more than 3 meters, adopt sunken anchor or stone with capstan rope to fix it.


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