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Roof mounts are the more common category of PV mounts, suitable for direct installation on rooftops or separate racking frameworks. The type and size of the roof dictate the use of different mounting systems, which encompass clamps, ballasts, or rail systems. Moreover, roof mount systems can be tailored to account for diverse roof pitches and tilt angles, thereby optimizing the solar system's performance.
Mibet's solar rooftop system series products, such as the double-row or single-row tripod supports the flat roof solar system, the standing seam metal roof kits, etc., can be applied to various kinds of rooftops, including the slate roof, tile roofs, metal roof, flat roof, etc. From residential to commercial and industrial, Mibet's rooftop solutions have been widely adopted by customers around the world for their good stability, high quality, and strong structure strength. Most of the components of solar panel roof mounting brackets are made of aluminum or steel, which has a good performance of high corrosion resistance.
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