ballasted flat roof solar mounting system
Non-penetrating Ballasted Flat Roof Solar Mounting System

Ballast Solar System Details

Ballasted solar racking systems are typically the optimal choice for commercial projects, offering minimal risk and peak performance throughout the lifespan of the solar system. A distinguishing feature of ballasted flat roof solar mounting systems is their non-invasive installation, which avoids any need for roof penetrations when mounting the solar panels.

The ballasted solar racking system uses concrete ballast and a patented structural design, and additionally incorporates wind sheets, achieving high wind resistance performance and rapid onsite installation. The ballasted system for flat roofs is adaptable to all standard solar panels with 60 or 72 cells, and is also compatible with the majority of other panel types.

Designed for longevity, both the south-facing and east-west systems boast premium materials like aluminum and stainless steel to ensure the highest level of corrosion resistance. It's important to note that these systems only allow for horizontal mounting of solar modules.

Ballast Solar Advantages

  • High Durability Ensure the Structure Strength

    Professional structure design and high-density aluminum material ensure the stability and strength of the structure. 

  • Unique Matrix Design for your solar PV system

    The matrix design further assures the stability of the whole system, and flexibly compatible with concrete block or ballast foundation.

  • Reasonable Installation and Package Design

    Simplified components configuration lead to quicker installation and smaller package size, saving installation cost and freight.

Technology Certification

ballast mount solar

ballasted solar racking systems
ballast solar system
solar panel ballast mounting system
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