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Mibet provides reliable, efficient and eco-friendly floating PV system solutions for floating projects in diverse environments such as reservoirs, ponds, lakes, and more. Floating solar systems help conserve land resources and minimize the impact on aquatic environments. The floating solar mounting system is built with a new green material (HDPE) that can endure natural environment changes and low temperatures. The mounting system is flexible and can accommodate both framed and frameless modules, providing ease of installation. The float body features a non-slip pattern design on the upper surface, ensuring safety and stability.

Our floating photovoltaic system is UV-resistant, anti-aging, non-polluting, and recyclable. Furthermore, the seamless formation of the whole pontoon prevents water seepage and water retention problems. This makes the system suitable for efficient and sustainable use in various floating projects. Solar panels installed on bodies of water, typically yield a higher energy output due to the cooling effects of the water, which optimizes the panels' performance. Additionally, these devices offer the added benefit of providing shade for the water below, thus reducing water loss to evaporation.
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