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Specialize in researching and developing, manufacturing, selling solar energy products.
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Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd, a high-tech enterprise, specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing, selling solar energy products. With its independent intellectual property, Mibet Energy devotes itself to offering the first-class solar pv mounting system solution around the world. Its reliable and economical solar pv mounting system has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and Mibet Energy has generally become one of the biggest export companies of solar pv mounting system in China.

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Mibet: Achievement on the National Landmark Building
Dec 14th, news from Xiamen, China, the China leading solar rack and tracker supplier, Mibet Energy announced today that the company has finished the order shipment of 7 MW support for the rooftop distributed PV plant on Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center (NCEC).
Mibet: Shining on the Roof of Asia’s Largest Railway Station
Just in past September, as the first inspection train passing through Xiongan Railway station, the new Asia’s largest railway station is closing to complete all construction and start formal operation.
  • Along with more and more extensive application in solar PV power generation technology, PV market has attracted many enterprises’ attention. However, how to choose the best suitable PV mounting structure based on the local conditions is the key point to ensure the efficient operation of the whole system. This article will analyses different PV mounting structures for different ground conditions.
  • Nowadays, people have more and more strong conscious of environment protection and also realize the adverse impact of pollutants emitted by fossil fuels. Therefore, more and more people are quite interested in exploring renewable clean energy solutions.
Ground Mounting System in The United Arab Emirates 5.5MW

Ground Mounting System in The United Arab Emirates 5.5MW

Located in The United Arab Emirates, this project has a total capacity of 5.5MW with accumulated power generation amounting to about 4.4 billion kW·h for 25 years. Tailored to the needs of the client, the technical team of Mibet Energy adopts PGT4 ground mounting system for this project. Mibet Energy serves as the designer and supplier for the mounting structure in the overall project. Discover
Roof Mounting System in China 7MW

Roof Mounting System in China 7MW

Located in Tianjin, China, the supplementary solar PV plant of NCEC is planned for 7 MW total and will be among the first completed parts of the project. Mibet Energy, once again, won the bid in early stage because of our long term reputation for excellent product quality and outstanding customer service. Discover
Thailand 696KW

Thailand 696KW

Other Systems

Other Systems

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