Solar Panel Mounting for Corrugated Roof

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What is Solar Panel Mounting for Corrugated Roof?

There are many types of solar panel mounting systems for corrugated roof, including the standing seam solar mounting system, solar brackets, trapezoidal metal roof clamps, and so on.,which is suitable for almost all types of corrugated metal roofs.

Solar Panel Mounting for Corrugated Roof

What is Corrugated Roof?

Corrugated metal roofing and siding is a light gauge, exposed fastener panel used predominately for agricultural roofing and residential metal roof applications as well as light commercial and soffits. It has a variety of colors to choose from and provides a safer alternative to other traditional building materials. Unlike other products, after its useful life, steel is 100% recyclable and is recognized as a sustainable building product.

The common types of solar panel mounting systems for corrugated roof:

Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar PV Mounting System: is applied to Standing Seam Metal Sheet Roof commercial and industrial solar projects. The system can achieve stable and strong connection between the roof support structure and solar modules with modular Patented design.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar PV Mounting System

Kliplok Roof Clamps: are made of steel or aluminum. The clamp are simply attached to standing seam panel and provide a secure non-penetrating fastening.

Kliplok Roof Clamps

MiniRail System: is a unique and highly adjustable fixation system that is designed to allow for optimal placement of half pins. 


Trapezoidal Metal Roof Klip Lok Clamp: is designed for residential and commercial applications. This system allows installation on tin roofs, as well as pitched and flat roofs. It withstands strong wind load through its robust design and high quality materials.

MiniRail System

While each of the four types of metal roofing brackets have their advantages, in the end, the choice often comes down to cost and your specific requirements. Mibet can provide you with the most cost-effective metal roof mounts based on your requirements, and it has completed the order for Xiongan Railway Station, the largest railway station in Asia. Kindly contact us for any need.

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