Aluminum Solar Panel Clamps (Mid and End)

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Aluminum Solar Panel Clamps (Mid and End)

Installing PV modules necessitates a robust mounting system. To ensure long-term stable energy production, these mounts require components to maintain stability. Mid clamps and end clamps are important auxiliary accessories. Keep reading and this blog post will give you the details.

What are Solar Panel Mounting Clamps?

Unlike the standing seam clamps, the fittings briquette used in PV mounting racks are known as "crystalline silicon solar panel briquettes," including middle and end clamps. They are key components for securing PV modules to the racking system. By connecting solar panels and securing them to rails, you can install modules correctly regarding position and orientation.

You will use mid clamps between panels to maintain precise alignment and stability, and place end clamps at the row ends to firmly complete the installation.

Solar Panel Clamp Positioning Diagram

Roles of Mid and End Clamps

Mid Clamps

Mid clamps are used to fasten solar panels along their sides, positioned between two panels. Its primary role is to secure the panels in place and ensure they are aligned and spaced correctly so that the panels remain stable and get optimal sunlight exposure.

End Clamps

End clamps are used at the ends of a row of solar panels. Its main function is to secure the outermost panels of the installation to the mounting rails, effectively capping and stabilizing the entire row. This prevents lateral movement of the panels, especially under load or in high wind conditions.

Specifications and Materials of Clamps

A solar PV module is composed of components such as solar cells, glass, EVA, a backsheet, and a frame. The thickness of the panels typically ranges from 1.25 inches (32 millimeters) to 1.57 inches (40 millimeters).

The following are common panel sizes:

Composition and size of common solar panels

As a leading solar mounting system manufacturer, we offer multiple types of mid clamps and end clamps suitable for your solar projects. These clamps are made from anodized 6005-T5 aluminum alloy, offering excellent corrosion resistance. Works with all 30-50mm framed solar panels.

Types of MIBET Solar Panel Clamps

You will need two mid clamps for each panel you intend to install and two end clamps per row. Each mid clamp and end clamp comes equipped with a socket head screw, a sliding nut, and a spring washer. A solar array usually requires a substantial number of clamps, and the quality of these clamps is very important. Mibet guarantees their reliability.

The video showcases our clamps and rails:

How to Install the Mid and End Clamps?

Mid clamp mounting schematic

To facilitate the use of the MA rail nut, ensure that the thread of the hexagonal socket bolt does not pass through the bottom of the MA rail nut's hole. Position the MA rail nut in the rail's groove and gently screw in the bolt for 2-3 turns.

End clamp mounting schematic

Place the panel flat on the rail, slide the end clamp kit (MA) into position, ensuring it firmly sticks to the solar panel, and then tightly lock the bolt (recommended torque: 8N·m) as shown in the figure.

Best Place to Clamp a Module

Clamping zones are specific areas on the PV module designated for securing the module to the racking system with mid and end clamps. Mibet racking ensures that both mid and end clamps align with the module manufacturer's "green" zones. Clamping in these "green" zones ensures optimal stability and evenly distributes additional loads, such as snow.

The most effective clamping areas are at two points near either end of the module's long side, using four clamps per module.

Source: Terra Gen Solar

As depicted in the image above, modules feature green, yellow, and red zones around their periphery. Clamping within the green zones is ideal as it supports equal weight distribution and provides robust support for extra loads like snow, thereby maintaining the module's warranty, minimizing the risk of panel degradation and microcracks, and enhancing overall system stability.

Clamping on the short side, common in landscape orientations, often places clamps in the yellow zone. Installers need to exercise caution with this approach and should always seek guidance from the module manufacturer. Clamping outside the advised zones, particularly in red zones, increases the likelihood of panel damage, could void the manufacturer's warranty, and might lead to inadequate weight support and diminished system stability.

Price of Mid and End Clamps

Small-Scale Projects

On Amazon, you can purchase one set or multiple sets of clamps according to your needs. For example:

● Clamps for 1 panel (4 end clamps).
● Clamps for 2 panels (2 mid clamps and 4 end clamps).

The prices for these kits generally start at $9.99. If you need to check the prices on Amazon, please click here.

Larger Installations

For larger-scale installations, sourcing your mid and end clamps from manufacturers or distributors like those found on Alibaba is often more cost-effective. Bulk pricing for mid and end clamps typically starts at $0.2 per unit. If you need to check the prices on Alibaba, please click here.

Why Trust Us?

mibet energy: Provide Global-Class Solar PV Mounting System Solutions

As a leading provider in the renewable energy sector, Mibet delivers reliable solar panel mounting brackets for large-scale solar power plants worldwide. We have over a hundred certifications, such as ISO9001, structural design patents, MCS certificates, SGS testing, TUV certificates, etc. Our mid and end clamps are commonly used for corrugated, trapezoidal, and other exposed-fastener metal roofs, as well as for ground-mounted and floating array projects.

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