Standing Seam Metal Roofing Solar Clamps

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Standing seam metal roofing with solar panels installed

The standing seam metal roof solar clamps are suitable for solar projects in large industrial and commercial buildings and is an important component of metal roof solar systems. Crafted from high-grade aluminum AI6005-T5, the MRac metal roof clamps demonstrate exceptional holding power, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making them a reliable choice for solar projects.

These clamps are specifically engineered to fit a wide range of standing seam metal roof profiles, maximizing cost-effectiveness and holding strength. The correct selection of the mounting bracket, based on the roof type, gauge, and material, is crucial for the efficient and effective performance of the solar installation. Pre-assembled for convenience, these clamps save both installation time and cost on site, making them an excellent solution for solar panel mounting on standing seam metal roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Racking Solution

The MRac roof clamps kit employs non-penetrating roof clamps, which safeguard the roof panel from potential installation damage by eliminating the rotational force typically exerted by conventional fixing screws. We suggest different types of standing seam clamps based on the roof's shape and size, ensuring swift and effortless installation for every roof type.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Clamps
Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Clamps

Klip-lok Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps

Klip-lok Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps

Mini-Rail Kit for Metal Roof PV Projects

Mini-Rail Kit for Metal Roof PV Projects

Our solar clamps are designed to securely clip onto the peak of the standing seam roof. They fasten tightly using bolts and nuts, eliminating the need for drilling. These clamps are available in versions both with and without rail mounting options. Please select the right PV mounting system for your roof, or share your project requirements with us, and we will identify or tailor the optimal solar mounting solution for you.


● Appropriate for a majority of standing seam metal roofs.
● Facilitates rapid mounting without the need for piercing the roof surface.
● Arrives pre-assembled, reducing costs and saving installation time.
● Clamps are affixed only on raised seams, ensuring no damage to the sheet surface.
● Constructed from durable Aluminum 6005-T5, with SUS304/316 fasteners.
● Exhibits high corrosion resistance, ensuring durability and a long service life.
● Versatile application, suitable for both portrait and landscape panel orientations.

Please Tell Us What You Need

Choosing the right clamps for the specific type of roof is crucial. Our metal roof clamps are custom-designed for each unique standing seam metal roof and roof profile, optimizing cost-effectiveness and holding strength ratios.

As professional manufacturers of solar metal roof clamps, we offer comprehensive solutions for metal roof solar mounting systems, backed by over a decade of experience. If you require different types of metal roof clamps, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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