Analysis of Ground PV Mounting System

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Along with more and more extensive application in solar PV power generation technology, PV market has attracted many enterprises’ attention.  However, how to choose the best suitable PV mounting structure based on the local conditions is the key point to ensure the efficient operation of the whole system. This article will analyses different PV mounting structures for different ground conditions.


Notices for Material Requirement of PV Mounting Structure

The mounting system’s structure should be easy to installation and durable. Besides, the structure’s material used for PV arrays must have excellent environment adaptability on site. Its standard corrosion resistance life should be up to 25 years. Therefore, electroplating aluminum profiles, electroplating steel and stainless steel are the commonly used materials.


Several Different Ground PV Mounting Structure Base

Ground PV Mounting Structure Base



Application   Scope


Concrete Base

The depth of foundation can be shallow,   but large for the amount of the excavation volume, filling volume and   concrete volume.



This   foundation is applicable for flat area with poor bearing capacity and low   groundwater.


Precast Pile Base

Precast pile has various types including   the timber pile, concrete square pile, prestressed concrete cannular pile and   steel pile, etc. It can be piled into the soil by pile driving equipment. And   the prestressed concrete cannular as well as steel pile are main types in   China construction field.


Mass construction and fast installation; without   any filling or digging, it only requires to flatten the field. But it's   easy to broke during piling, so steel mesh is needed to reinforce the top of   the pile. This will increase project cost and its verticality   can’t   be guaranteed.  

Used extensively for mucky soil, clayey   soil, collapsible loess and filling-up soil.


Pile Driving

Pile C-style steel, H-style steel and   other-style steel pile into ground by pile driver. This installation way is   easy but poor on pull-out performance.


Fast installation and good adaptability;

Highly price-performance;

Not affected by season or   temperature;

Convenient to pull out without   influence on installation field.

Piling is difficult in hard soil and easy   to damage the galvanization layer in area with many break stones. Besides, it   has poor corrosion resistance in saline-alkali area.

Ground Screw

Since 1880s, it has been widely used in   the United States, Australia and Europe as an alternative with unique   advantages to replace other piles, which can meet engineering requirements   such as compression resistance, pull-out resistance and horizontal resistance   force, etc.


It is a kind of pile with metal or   non-metal helical blade, which can be screwed into the ground with   professional facility. Load can be connected on the top of it. Furthermore,   many advantages make it performance well such as fast installation, short   project period, friendly to the environment, no damage to the vegetation.  It can be used in various winter climate in   northern area and easy to transfer or recycle, etc.

Suitable for Gobi Desert, prairies,   desert, mudflat, etc

Different Types of MRac Ground PV Mounting System


Product Name


Smart Tracking System

MRac Smart Horizontal Single Axis Tracking Solar PV Mounting System;

MRac Smart Tilt Single Axis Tracking Solar PV Mounting System


Solar Light System

MRac Solar Light System


Carport System

MRac Solar Carport System


Agricultural System

MRac Agricultural Greenhouse Mounting System;

MRac Concrete Pile High Elevation Mounting System;


Ground Terrace System

MRac GT System

MRac Waterproof Solar PV Mounting System

MRac Pole Rack System

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