Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof  Solar Clamps
Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof Solar Clamps

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Clamps Overview

Mibet provides reliable solar solutions, suitable for a variety of trapezoidal roof shapes. Our aluminum clamps series is specifically designed for solar mounting installations on trapezoidal metal roof profiles. Our components are assembled in the factory beforehand, allowing significant savings in terms of installation time and labor costs.

Our aluminum clamps for trapezoidal metal roofs come equipped with 4 bolts and waterproof EPDM washers. They can be adjusted to suit the crown width of any specific roof profile and provide height adjustability to connect with various mounting systems and rails.

The elevated profile design of our bracket ensures sufficient space between the roof and solar modules. Four attachment points enhance its holding strength. These clamps are compatible with various types of solar modules, and installation options for solar panels can be chosen with or without a guide rail.

Furthermore, our project engineers can provide tailored solar panel installation solutions for trapezoidal metal roofs. This ensures maximum stability with minimum weight and allows for quick connections to all rail components.

Metal Roof Clamp Features

1. Ideal for large-scale commercial and industrial metal rooftops.
2. Suitable for a variety of trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.
3. The pre-drilled holes on the profile facilitate quick and effortless installation.
4. Crafted from high-grade Aluminum 6005-T5 and employs SUS304/316 fasteners for enhanced durability.
5. Aluminum clamps can be tailored to match specific trapezoidal sheet specifications.
6. The use of pre-assembled clamps significantly reduces labor costs at your installation site.
7. Engineered to withstand a maximum wind load of 60 m/s.
8. Can endure a maximum snow load of 1.6 KN/m2.

Certifications obtained

Trapezoidal metal roof clamp application drawing and clamp side display
Trapezoidal Metal Roof Clamp and End Clamp
 Inter Clamp and Rail
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