Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Clamps


Standing seam metal roof solar clamps are designed for application in commercial and industrial solar projects with standing seam metal sheet roofs. Crafted from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel materials, MRac metal roof clamps boast exceptional holding strength, durability, and longevity. Pre-assembled kits facilitate quick and cost-effective installation on site.

These clamps are tailored to fit your specific standing seam metal roof and roof profile, ensuring an optimal balance between cost and holding strength. It is essential to select the appropriate clamp for your particular roof type, gauge, and material in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.




  • Applicable for Different Metal Roofs

    Design project by project, selecting configuration of mounting system components flexibly.

  • Save Installation Time and Cost

    Pre-assembled components and clear installation manuals are supplied to save the onsite installation time and cost, lead to better RoI.

  • Compatible to Different Types of Solar Modules

    Compatible to most kinds of framed 60-cell, 72-cell, half-cut cells modules and frameless modules.

Service and Support

  • Mibet Energy's professional sales team will provide basic products introduction and training.

  • Mibet Energy's professional technician team will provide a floating mounting solution based on satellite surveyed data.

  • Mibet Energy sales team will provide installation guide and on-line service.

  • Mibet Energy provide 10-year warranty.

Suitable Module Types and Layout Orientation

  • The array layout can be in horizontal.

  • Compatible with all major components in the market.

Technology Certification

Technology Certification

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