Standing Seam Metal Clamps
Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Clamps

Metal Roof Solar Clamps Overview

Mibet offers comprehensive solar mounting solutions for standing seam metal roofs. With the clamps, the solar panels and rails can be directly attached to standing seam metal roofs without the need for drilling. Moreover, you also have the option to install solar panels without the use of rails. Suitable for residential and commercial metal roof installations.

The clamp is constructed from high tensile strength aluminum. It features a design that allows for either single or double bolt tightening, saving installation time and making it easy to construct. This versatile clamp is suitable for both longitudinal and transverse panels and can work with a variety of metal roof designs, including single and double rolled seams or similar designs. They are compatible with most solar modules.

The clamps ensure a secure attachment without the need for roof sheet penetration, providing optimal stability with minimal weight. A variety of system combinations such as the L-foot, fixed foot, or PV module clamp allow for swift and easy connection to all rail components.

Our metal roof clamps have undergone rigorous testing for wind pressure and simulated snow load. They are designed to withstand maximum wind loads of up to 60 m/s and snow loads up to 1.6 KN/m2. This ensures their robust performance even under extreme weather conditions, providing reliable operation for your solar installations.


standing seam clamp line draft design


1. Ideal for large-scale commercial and industrial metal rooftops.
2. Compatible with a wide range of module types, including framed 60-cell, 72-cell, and frameless modules.
3. Crafted from high-grade Aluminum 6005-T5 and employs SUS304/316 fasteners for enhanced durability.
4. Compatible with various types of standing seam metal roofs.
5. Pre -assembled, simple and cost-effective installation.
6. The clamps attach only to raised seams, thus causing no damage to the roof surface.
7. Engineered to withstand a maximum wind load of 60 m/s.
8. Can endure a maximum snow load of 1.6 KN/m2.

Technology Certification

Technology Certification

Standing Seam Metal fixture rendering
Standing Seam Metal Briquette Assembly
Metal Roof Rail and L-foot
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