MRac Double-row Tripod Base-beam-free RMIV


MRac Double-row Tripod Base-beam-free RMIV is derived from RM II to meet different roof projects demands. Solar modules can be arranged with single or double rows of landscape or portrait orientation. Quick installation and stable structure are assured by the modular Patented design.




  • System Compatibility

    Components mostly pre-assembled in factory to assure quick and reliable installation on site. Suitable for different flat rooftop, and compatible to different types of solar modulesstability.

  • Unique Mudsill Design

    The mudsill can be fixed to flat roof or pitched roof with concrete foundation or steel foundation.

  • Solar Module Layout Flexibility

    Both landscape and portrait solar module layout are suitable.Both single row and double rows layout can be achieved, separately or combined.

  • Adjustability

    Tilt angle can be adjustable.

Service and Support

  • Mibet Energy's professional sales team will provide basic products introduction and training.

  • Mibet Energy's professional technician team will provide a floating mounting solution based on satellite surveyed data.

  • Mibet Energy sales team will provide installation guide and on-line service.

  • Mibet Energy will provide 10-year quality warranty and 5-year product waranty.

Suitable Module Types and Layout Orientation

  • The array layout can be in horizontal.

  • Compatible with all major components in the market.

Technology Certification

Technology Certification

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