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Mibet's solar tile hooks and mounting systems are widely employed in a range of commercial and residential tile roof projects. Designed to accommodate solar modules of all sizes on sloped tile roofs, these brackets encompass several standard components such as aluminum rail profiles, tile hooks, end/mid clamps, and other solar mounting accessories. The mounting framework is constructed from anodized aluminum, providing exceptional anti-corrosion capabilities.

Our tile hooks are specifically designed to limit the need for penetrations during tile roof solar installations. They are strategically placed beneath the tiles and secured to the underlying structures, generally wooden battens. An elongated hole in the lower plate facilitates alignment on the batten. Our roof hooks cater to a variety of tile types, including pantile, Roman tiles, slates, and clay tiles. Adjustable hooks offer versatility with both horizontal and vertical adjustability. Fully in compliance with international standards pertaining to wind and snow load, our systems are apt for diverse climatic conditions.
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