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Flat Roof Solar Ballasted Mounting System

Solar Ballasted Mounting System Details

The Mibet Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Mounting System, constructed from high strength aluminum alloy profile AL6005-T5 (surface oxidation treatment), offers an optimal solution for virtually any flat-roof solar power plant. With its concrete ballast and patented structural design, our solar ballast racking system ensures exceptional wind resistance and swift on-site installation. Its unique dual-orientation design promotes more efficient utilization of rooftop space and enhanced power generation.

Our expert engineers develop designs for south-facing, north-south, and east-west installations, with customizable inclinations for solar modules. The system's roof load distribution is uniformly allocated through aerodynamic design principles. A variety of attachment and ballast options are available to suit the specific requirements of each project and the site conditions.

Ballasted System Advantages

  • Structural Strength Assured by High Durability

    The stability and strength of the structure are guaranteed by professional structural design and high-density aluminum material. 

  • Unique Dual-Orientation Matrix Design

    Our unique dual-orientation matrix design requires no wind deflector, which results in a reduction in both structural cost and ballast weight. This increases the installation capacity, further ensuring the stability of the entire system, while maintaining flexible compatibility with concrete block or ballast foundations.

  • Efficient Installation and Packaging Design

    Our simplified component configurations facilitate quicker installation and compact packaging, leading to cost savings in installation and freight.

  • There's no need for drilling or digging, ensuring no roof penetration. We back products with a 10-year warranty.

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