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Agricultural Farmland Solar Mounting System

Solar Mounting System Details

Primarily designed for the installation of solar photovoltaic farms on agricultural land, the MRac Agricultural Farmland Solar Mounting System facilitates the dual-purpose utilization of land. Taking into consideration the diversity of solar module arrays, the specific light exposure needs of plants, and the dimensions of farming machinery, Mibet will conceive an appropriate solar mounting system solution. This solution will incorporate a highly pre-assembled structure, ensuring ease of installation and considerable time efficiency.

Solar Mounting Advantages

  • Dual-Use of Land Improve the Economic Benefit

    Install solar projects above the planting land, achieving the dual-use of land to improve the economic benefit.

  • Create Different Growing Conditions for Different Plants

    To satisfy the different light exposure requirements of varied plants, MRac agricultural greenhouse mounting system can be installed with different transmittance solar modules or different solar module arrays.

  • Pre-assembled Components Save Onsite Installation Time

    Solution design case by case, most components pre-assembled in factory, no onsite cut and drill request, saving the onsite installation time and cost.

  • No Drill on Portrait Beam

    It improves the strength of the system to fix the portrait beam onto the post by special designed clamps, with force at the same direction of the gravity.

Technology Certification

solar mounting system

agricultural farmland mounting system
solar racking system
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