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Waterproof Solar Carport PV System

Waterproof Solar Carport System Details

MRac Solar PV Carport Ground Mounting System II is a pre-assembled ground solar mounting system which is ideal for large commercial and utility-scale solar PV projects. The system has been developed for various photovoltaic modules and will be customized to fit into the parking lot or designed according to specific requirements. The solar Carport System can protect the cars to avoid damage from sunshine, wind, rain water, and snow. Mibet’s engineers continue to optimize the design of system, the quality of product and service, and also provide the best solution for your Solar Carport System.

Solar Mounting Advantages

  • Customized Solution for your carport solar system 

    Design case by case, making a good utilization of ground resource and pursuit for easy and quick installation.

  • High Waterproof

    The special waterproof conforms to the structure of system, which make the performance Stronger

  • Save Installation Time and Labor Cost on Site

    With installation manuals and system solution, the construction on site will be simple. Less construction time directly reduces project costs.

  • Compatible to Varied Solar Modules

    With Mrac module clamps, the system compatible with most kinds of framed and frame and frameless modules.

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