Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Carport Mounting System

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Solar carport in India

The solar carport mounting system can offer two-column or single-column constructions for each bay, providing protection from the sun and rain while producing electricity. It is simple to install and has an exquisite appearance. The benefits and drawbacks of the Mibet waterproof solar carport will be discussed in this article.

A PV carport mounting system is often made of AL6005 anodized aluminum alloy, which is appropriate for usage in harsh outdoor climates due to its high strength and anti-corrosion properties.

What is a solar carport?

A solar carport is a mounting framework that can house solar panels to shield your automobile from various environmental factors. A solar panel system is made when the solar panels are fastened to the top of the carport.

Installing a solar carport allows homeowners to consume the electricity produced by the solar system without interfering with parking, or they may sell the electricity back to the grid to make extra money. Solar carports offer the additional benefit of shielding automobiles from the outdoor elements in addition to power generation, which is particularly appealing to auto dealers.

Benefits of Solar Carport System

The solar carport is mostly utilized in residential and public parking lots. It shares similarities with the ground solar mount but is higher than the ground one and is mainly used for shading and power generation on vehicles. Its benefits are as follows:

1. One option for a solar carport is an aluminum alloy mount with a watertight construction and anodized surface.

2. Anodized aluminum alloy mounts are extremely robust and resistant to corrosion; they typically come with a 10-year warranty.

3. The solar carport system can both produce solar energy and shield the automobile from the effects of inclement weather.

4. The waterproofing effect of the carport can be accomplished by assembling water guide beams and fastening waterproof rubber strips.

5. The project's installation time is shortened by the distinctive structure design. On-site welding is unnecessary, which reduces labor costs.

6. It is simpler to clear snow or other debris from the solar carport and to routinely wash the carport with water without having to climb up the sloped roof.

7. Following the installation of the charging pile, it is now possible to use the electricity produced by the PV system to charge visitors' and staff' electric vehicles.

Drawbacks of Solar Carport Systems

A solar carport has numerous advantages, but it also has a number of drawbacks, making it probably not the ideal option for you.

1. Solar carports often cost more than rooftop solar installation systems due to the labor and material expenses involved in construction.

2. In many places, constructing a solar carport or a structure similar to it necessitates obtaining a construction permit from the Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Contact Mibet To Find Out More About Solar Carports

Anyone interested in solar energy can profit from the Solar carport system, which is an extremely practical and straightforward option. It is a straightforward construction that serves as both a carport and a solar energy generator.

For the residential, commercial, and utility industries, Mibet provides ground solar mounting devices, including carport structures. You can get in touch with us for additional information and an estimate on solar carport mounting systems now that you are aware of the advantages of installing a solar carport system.

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