Solar Racking Systems on Roof without Drilling

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One of the main drawbacks of the traditional way most solar panels are installed on residential properties is that it requires drilling through the roof, which presents a few problems.

Solar Racking Systems on Roof without Drilling

The biggest problem with drilling into the roof is that you are increasing the chance of the roof leaking. While trained and qualified installers will use sealants to minimize the chance of a leak, they do happen.

Additionally, drilling through the roof oftentimes voids the existing roof warranty.

So what are your options if you want to install solar panels on a roof without drilling?

The answer varies depending on your roof type.

For flat roofs, there are Solar Ballast System solutions, concrete foundations solutions and triangle racking solutions that allow you to mount the panels without penetrating the roof. Solar Ballast System solutions: ballasts (weights) are used to hold the structure down against wind loads. And it should only be done if you are sure the roof can handle the extra weight of the ballast and are allowed by your building codes.

Solar Ballast System
Concrete foundations solutions: you can install solar panels on a flat roof using heavy concrete foundations to hold the array in place, again provided they are permitted by your building codes for flat concrete roof.

Concrete foundations solutions

Triangle racking solutions: Triangle Solar Racking System is a high efficient and flexible product for tilt installation of PV modules on flat roofs or other kinds of flat structures. Combining with the other additional parts, the system can be easily applied on flat tin roofs or flat concrete roofs.

Triangle racking solutions

For sloped roofs on residential homes, the solution I recommend that works without penetrating the roof is for standing-seam metal clamps and kliplok clamps. They allow you to clamp to the roof without impaling.

MRac Kliplok

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