7th Founding Anniversary of Mibet |Better Dream, Better Future.

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There is pain, there is gain.

On this day of July 24, Mibet Energy celebrates its 7th founding anniversary.

All staff gather here on this special occasion to share the joy and happiness.


In reminiscence of the past 7 years,

Mibet is making progress step by step with the effort and support from all Mibet staff.

In the future, we will continue to embark on the journey that we start and fulfill the dream that we pursue.

Regardless of ups and downs, we will always hold hand in hand.

To continue to write new chapter with passion and wisdom.

Photo of All Staff

Lunch Buffet

Delicate presents bring fun to the gathering.


Over the past seven years, we give our best shot and reap the fruit of success

Time flies and it is seven years now.

The journey to the future is long.

Thank you to the staff who have always stood by us.

No matter rain or shine, let’s work together to mark another milestone in the new journey ahead.


Xiamen Mibet Energy Co., Ltd, a high-tech enterprise with advancing patented technology and high-efficiency service, specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing, selling solar energy products. With its independent intellectual property, Mibet Energy devotes itself to offering the most reliable and economical solar PV mounting system solutions. Since its establishment, Mibet Energy’s leading products which can meet considerate needs have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions. Thus, Mibet Energy has earned a high reputation from its clients.

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