Solar panel mounting brackets for metal roof

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What is solar panel mounting brackets for metal roof?

Solar panel mounting brackets for metal roof is designed to attach PV panels on metal roof. There are many types of brackets suitable for metal roof, but they are basically can be divided into 2 solutions, with rail or without rail solution. You can refer to the following solutions from Mibet to choose your solar brackets according to your specific roof requirements.

Solar panel mounting brackets for metal roof

With Rail Solution:

1. L Feet+Rail

L Feet+Rail

2. Kliplok Clamp+Rail

Kliplok Clamp+Rail

3. Trapezoidal Metal Roof Clamp+Rail

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Clamp+Rail

4. Standing Seam+Rail

Standing Seam+Rail

Without Rail:

Mini Rail

Mini Rail

Multi-Functions Kliplok Clamp

Multi-Functions Kliplok Clamp

Features of Solar Panel Mounting Brackets for metal roof

Easy to install because of the simple components
All structures of are made of aluminum alloy, which has the advantage of light weight
Beautiful appearance
Strong corrosion resistance
Aluminum alloy has a longer service life and higher recycling costs
Strong wind load and snow load
Available in portrait and landscape mounting
Compatible with framed or unframed solar panel

Mibet Metal Roof Solar Mounts are designed with great flexibility and pre-assemble for both commercial and residential roof solar system. Welcome for any inquiry on

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