What Parts Do You Need When You Install a Roof Solar?

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Parts needed to install rooftop solar

What parts and pieces do you need when you plan to install a roof solar power plant? Curious about this question? Look through this article and you will get to know it in 5 minutes.

Anatomy of roof solar brackets

● Solar panel: Composed of tempered glass, the solar panel can convert the sunlight to DC power. It is the most expensive component in the whole system. Generally, the solar panel has a long lifespan of more than 25 years.

● Mounting Clamps: There are two main types of mounting clamps generally, the inter clamps and end clamps. The inter clamps are used to be placed between two panels and fix them. Similar to the inter clamp, the end clamps are used to fix the edge of panels and make sure the solar panels can be attached to the mounting system properly.

● Solar racking system: for different roof types, the material of roof solar racking may be different. For example, the aluminum racking is more suitable for metal roofs or tile roofs, because these kinds of the roof have low load capacity, which requires its roof racking should be light enough. But for concrete roofs, there are more rackings for your options, such as the carbon steel racking, the aluminum racking, the hot-dip galvanizing racking, etc.

● Roof Kits: Here the roof kits refers to L-feet, hooks, mini rails, etc. It connects the racking and roof, to make the roof racking system attached properly.

● Waterproof rubber: In case of any water leaks, we can use the waterproof rubber on our roof surface before installing the roof racking system. Especially for those roof solution that requires drilling holes on the roof, this item can protect your roof from water leaks well.

● DC Wiring: In direct current (DC), the electric charge (current) only flows in one direction. For this specific electrical application, we need DC wire. We must ensure that all wires be secured to the racking or panels so that they do not hang down or rest on the roof surface.

● AC wiring: AC cables are used to connect each microinverters.

● Microinverters: For the AC system, we need microinverters to convert from DC current from the panel to AC current for our house use.

● Grounding components: Every conductive metal component in the solar array that is possible to cause accidental faults should be securely grounded. So the grounding components can minimize electrical hazards.

If you have prepared all pieces we mentioned above, you are poised to install your roof solar array. Maybe you have more questions about how to install your roof solar? That's okay. You can check our more articles about how to install roof solar mounting systems, we have recommended many ways for you according to multiple roof types. 

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