Maintenance Tips of Household PV Power Station

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Maintenance Tips of Household PV Power Station

Residential PV power station, also called as household solar power system, mainly refers to the solar system installed on the roof of a family. Generally, residential power station has features such as small installation capacity, widespread distribution, simple on-grid process, short investment recovery period, and high subsidy.

Household PV power stations mainly components: PV panel, inverter, electricity-meter, and solar bracket, of which the solar panel and inverter are the core components of the whole system.

Maintenance Tips for Household PV Power Station

1. Users should check and record regularly. Once any problems are found, contact after-sales service person in time.

2. Clean dust and other sundries in regularly time. In summer, it should avoid the time with the highest temperature to clean the panel, so as not to damage the PV modules due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. It is suggested to clean solar panels at early morning or late afternoon when the temperature is relatively lower. 

3. Use soft and clean cotton cloth or sponge as cleaning tools. Do not use detergent containing alkali or acid. The frequency of cleaning depends on the situation, if in the rainy season, generally the rain water will make the surface of the panel cleaner.

4. In areas prone to snow in winter, the frequency of cleaning should be increased, and it is  recommended to clean the panel before the snow is too thick. If there is heavy snow on the panel, push it away with a soft tool and be careful not to scratch or damage the panel.

5. The distributed PV power generation system is equipped with lightning protection devices, so it does not need to be disconnected during summer thunderstorms. However, for the sake of safety, you can also cut off the circuit connection with the PV module to avoid hazards caused by direct lightning that cannot be avoid by the lightning protection devices.

6. Do not install the other family devices near the power generation system, so as not to damage the system or affect the power generation.

Be careful about:

Do not trample on PV panels during inspection to avoid damage. Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are prohibited to be placed near PV modules. If the following problems appear, please immediately contact the professional person to repair the PV system:

● Glass broken, circuit burned, and obvious color changes occur in PV modules.
● The junction box in the PV module is deformed, cracked, burned, or the wiring terminal cannot be connected.

Maintenance of Solar Brackets

1. The prefabricated base of solar brackets shall be placed smoothly and neatly before the installation, and the position shall not be moved. All the connections of the support shall be firm and reliable, and all the bolts are fixed properly.

2. If the coating surface of the supports cracked or fall off, it should be brushed or repair in time.

3. The grounding devices of solar power systems should be checked regularly, especially before the arrival of the annual thunderstorm season, the grounding situation of solar power systems should be checked to confirm its safe.

Regular and timely cleaning and maintenance can ensure the normal operation and safe use of household PV power stations and avoid unnecessary property losses.

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