High-Quality Corrugated Roof Solar Mounting Brackets

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High-Quality Corrugated Roof Solar Mounting Brackets

Corrugated metal roof mounting brackets are mainly used in distributed solar power plants, corrugated metal roof racks employ aluminum clamps and stainless steel screws that accommodate nearly all metal profiles. The MRac metal roof clamps, in conjunction with the hanger bolt and rail system, offer a highly secure and reliable method for mounting solar panels on your roof.

5 Outstanding Benefits of Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing sheets are a widely favored option for various businesses across numerous industries. Here are five notable advantages of corrugated roofing:

Extended Lifespan

A key benefit of corrugated metal roofing is its extended lifespan compared to other traditional roofing types. While conventional asphalt shingle roofs typically last about 15 years and some basic metal roofing types endure for approximately 30 years, corrugated metal roofs are less susceptible to wear and corrosion due to their design. This increases their average lifespan to around 50 years, making them one of the longest-lasting roofing options on the market.

Resistance to Dents and Warping

Corrugated roofing material is not only resilient against the elements but can also withstand impacts from debris during severe storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes. It is four times less likely to warp or expand compared to vinyl siding or asphalt shingles.

Enhanced Durability

Corrugated metal roofing ranks among the most durable roof types, as its rippled shape and large surface area enable it to resist dents and dings from falling objects. Additionally, like all metal roofs, corrugated roofing is non-combustible, offering significant fire protection for your property.

Water Accumulation Prevention

The smooth surface of corrugated roofing sheets allows water to easily run off. Consequently, they must be installed in a manner that ensures water flows downward and away from the structure. This design ensures that the roof prevents water accumulation even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Corrugated roofing can be insulated and treated with a reflective coating to minimize heat absorption. This contributes to maintaining a cooler environment within the building, ultimately saving money on cooling costs during the summer months.

Corrugated Roof L feet and Hanger Bolt Solutions

Mibet offers an array of solar mounting solutions tailored for corrugated roofs, including hanger bolt solutions for wooden purlins, aluminum corrugated roof clamps for steel purlins, and mini rails for simplified installations. Additionally, we provide L feet for straightforward installations as well as both railed and rail-less mounting options for landscape and portrait layout configurations.

Metal Roofing L Feet and Hanger Bolt Kit
Metal Roofing L Feet and Hanger Bolt Kit

Mini-Rail Kit for Metal Roof PV Projects
Mini-Rail Kit for Metal Roof PV Projects

Corrugated Roof Solar Mounting Brackets Features

● Few components, fully pre-made.
● High Class Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5 & Stainless steel 304.
● Waterproof Silicone rubber intergrated.
● Fasteners and rall nut configured to save extra parts purchasing.
● Hanger bolts available for wooden and steel purlins
● Natural silver or black anodized.
● Few mounting tools are needed.
● Holds Strong Loads.
● Anti-corrosion.
● 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Why You Should Choose Mibet Solar Mounting Systems?

We offer a straightforward and cost-efficient solution for mounting all framed and unframed solar panels currently available in the market. Mibet's offers a selection of metal roof mounting brackets enables rapid and secure attachment to sheet metal, purlins, or rafters, catering to various roofing types at angles ranging from 10 to 60 degrees. Mibet rails are designed to simplify the connection of support rails to brackets by allowing fixing nuts to be effortlessly swiveled into the rails. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding your specific projects.

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