Aluminum Watertight Solar Carport Mounting Structure

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Aluminum Solar Carport

In addition to the growing prevalence of distributed photovoltaics on rooftops, the development of solar photovoltaic parking lots is gaining traction. By utilizing the unused space of a carport, a solar carport can be constructed. The electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic carport can be used to power vehicles, while surplus energy can be sold to the grid, reducing urban power consumption. These advantages have contributed to the photovoltaic carport becoming a burgeoning trend in sustainable architecture.

Mibet diligently observes the evolving trends of solar photovoltaic mounting systems and designs tailored solar carport mounting structure solutions for clients, including both single and double-row carports.

The Mibet aluminum waterproof carport solar mounting system is suitable for large-scale commercial and residential projects. Vehicles are safeguarded by high-quality aluminum components and a professionally designed structure. The design can be customized to accommodate on-site requirements, effectively mitigating vehicle damage caused by sun exposure, wind, and snow, while simultaneously harnessing the benefits of photovoltaic power generation.

What Is a Solar Carport?

A solar carport, also referred to as a solar canopy, is a multifunctional structure that offers protection for vehicles while simultaneously generating electricity. Although solar carports necessitate distinct installation expertise and hardware, their installation process closely resembles that of ground-mounted solar systems. Solar carports are typically installed in parking lots, driveways, or other open spaces where vehicles are parked.

Solar carports have several advantages:

Renewable energy generation: Solar carports generate clean, renewable energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Space efficiency: They make efficient use of space by combining parking and energy production. This is particularly useful in urban areas where land is at a premium.
Shade and protection: Solar carports provide shade for parked vehicles, protecting them from direct sunlight, rain, hail, or snow. This can help reduce the heat inside the vehicles and decrease wear and tear from weather exposure.
Potential financial benefits: By generating electricity, solar carports can help offset energy costs for the property owner. Additionally, they may qualify for various tax incentives, rebates, or grants, depending on the location and regulations.
Electric vehicle (EV) charging: Solar carports can be equipped with EV charging stations, providing clean and renewable energy for charging electric vehicles.

Residential Solar Carports

Residential solar carports present a viable alternative to rooftop PV systems. They are particularly suitable if your roof's location or orientation is suboptimal, or if you wish to maintain your roof's aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, if you have available space in your yard, solar carports are an ideal solution for both protecting your vehicle and generating electricity for your household, much like traditional rooftop PV systems. Solar carports not only shield your vehicle from the sun's rays, but also mitigate excessive heat buildup, reducing the need for air conditioning at full capacity. For electric vehicle (EV) owners, solar carports offer an added advantage, as they can be equipped with EV chargers powered by the installed solar system.

Commercial Solar Carports

When implemented in public areas, solar carports can supply power to neighboring commercial establishments and double as EV charging stations. Additionally, this creates an opportunity to generate revenue by offering charging services for electric vehicles in your public parking facility.

Waterproof Solar Carport Mounting Structure

mibet Waterproof Solar Carport Mounting Structure

The Mibet waterproof solar carport mounting system is designed for both residential and commercial applications. Constructed from high-strength aluminum, all components are pre-assembled at the factory prior to shipment, ensuring a rapid installation process and reducing labor costs.

The waterproof solar carport features specially designed waterproof components to direct rainwater away, providing effective shelter from precipitation and preventing water leakage. Traditional rubber sealing methods have been replaced with a uniquely engineered sealing strip, addressing issues such as loosening rubber and water infiltration.

To learn more about the Mibet waterproof carport mounting system, please click here.

Waterproof Solar Carport System Features

Waterproof design: The innovative waterproof structure incorporates a water guide trough and sealing rubber strip above the guide rail to effectively address waterproofing concerns.
Customized solution: We offer tailored solar carport solutions, including bespoke mounting systems for any number of vehicles. Both silver and black anodized products are available.
Easy installation: Our components come predominantly pre-assembled, eliminating the need for on-site cutting or drilling. Pre-drilled holes ensure a swift and effortless bolt-together assembly.
Flexible and adjustable: The adjustable column and base can be oriented in any direction, significantly reducing installation complexity.
Safe and reliable: The IV and double-V designs have undergone rigorous testing in extreme weather conditions to guarantee safety and reliability.
Efficient transportation: The compact structural members and pre-assembled designs minimize loading space requirements.
Optimal compatibility: Our system is designed to be compatible with the majority of commercial-grade photovoltaic modules.

Key Components

Solar Carport Mounting Structure Key Components

Reasons to Choose Mibet's Waterproof Solar Carport Racking Systems

Mibet delivers long-span waterproof solar carport solutions designed to optimize the utilization of expansive parking lot spaces. These long-span carports are well-suited for double-row parking configurations at automobile dealerships, schools, hospitals, retail stores, condominiums, and apartment complexes.

Mibet is committed to manufacturing premium solar carport structures that surpass expectations. Our solar carports are constructed with robust structural steel, ensuring they can withstand the loading conditions encountered at your installation site.

Our team of engineers and sales representatives will support you throughout the process of bringing your solar power station to fruition. We offer expert guidance on module sizes, orientation, inclination angles, and foundation types. Choose Mibet for a waterproof solar carport system, whether you require single or double-row configurations.

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