Solar energy emerges as a more cost-effective substitute compared to traditional electricity. By tapping into idle water bodies, floating solar systems convert these underutilized areas into profitable renewable energy power stations. The natural cooling effect of the water beneath the solar panels amplifies the energy-generating efficiency of floating systems.
Mibet is an expert in solar on water, offering cost-effective, low-maintenance commercial floating solar power plant solutions. We provide support structures that pass multiple industry testing standards and last for at least 25 years with minimal maintenance.
We provide reliable floating PV systems for a variety of pond types. Our engineering teams will analyze your project, offering the most suitable solutions based on your needs and the conditions of your pond site. The anchoring systems we design will comply with local building codes.

Solar Knowledge

Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany - Floating Solar Array

Floating Solar: 8 Things You Need To Know

Solar power has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the global push for renewable energy. While ground-mounted solar panels are the most common way to harness the power of the sun, floating solar is becoming increasingly popular. This power...

Floating solar panels in Amsterdam

What is a Floating Solar Power Plant?

Within a floating solar mounting structure, solar modules are engineered to float upon water surfaces. These panels generate energy, which is then conveyed to a transmission tower via submerged cables. A significant rationale for the preference of this...

Floating solar power plant

How to Choose the Locations for Floating Sol...

The floating solar power plant has many advantages, including saving land space, increasing power generation, protecting water resources, being easy to maintain, etc. Due to its many advantages, the floating solar has a great development prospect at home and abroad...

Floating solar power plant - small island nation

The Highlights of Floating Solar Power Plant

The floating solar power system can be applied to the various types of water area, including the pond, reservoir, lakes, offshore areas, etc. We gonna share some ideas about the advantages and construction points of floating solar system...

A floating PV facility at a water-treatment site in Walden, Colorado

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Float...

Floating solar systems, or FPV, refer to a type of solar power plant that floats on water's surface. They can be utilized in various water bodies, including ponds, lakes, reservoirs, etc. They offer many advantages, such as eliminating the need for land, increasing power generation...

Solar Floating System: the Future of Renewable Energy

Solar Floating System: the Future of Renewa...

The floating PV system is a power generation mechanism that operates on water. It can fully utilize ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and so on, without any negative environmental impact. Floating systems can save valuable land resources and keep the water body covered by....

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Floating Solar System G5A

Floating Solar System G5A

The floating PV mounting solutions from the G5 series can be used in a variety of aquatic environments, including lakes, reservoirs, and coal mine subsidence sites. Brackets and floaters make up the system. The materials for the guide rail and bracket can be chosen from among...

Floating PV System G4N+

Floating PV System G4N+

The overall floating pontoon system is designed with an opening area exceeding 30%, allowing ample sunlight to reach the marine life below. Simultaneously, the structure acts as a barrier, mitigating water evaporation, and the water's cooling effect bolsters the solar farm...

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